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Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility


Explore what corporate social responsibility is, how it works, and its true impacts. Let’s co-build the responsible enterprise of tomorrow! An open online course (MOOC) from the Louvain School of Management.

What you'll learn

Driven by global crises in financial, economic, and governance systems, companies all over the world devote massive resources to their corporate social responsibility (CSR). But what is CSR? What does it mean, and what does it involve? Do stakeholders really care, and if they do, how should companies communicate with them? In uncertain modern climates, CSR is a crucial driving force of a (r)evolution in business.

If you are interested in the relationship between business and society, this course is for you! It is especially relevant for industry, public policy, and academic professionals working on CSR, as well as students following a traditional business curriculum who are interested in key value questions.

By presenting insights from CSR experts, from both academia and practice, this course provides a way for managers, consumers, and citizens to acquire in-depth insights and critical perspectives on companies’ CSR activities and communications. The multi-industry case study structure of this course enables participants to confront the challenges facing today’s managers as they seek to develop and communicate their own CSR initiatives. Dedicated discussion forums also are available for participants to present personalized CSR cases.

To help participants manage and communicate about CSR with various internal and external stakeholders, this course seeks to:  

  • Support current and future business leaders in their efforts to make responsible leadership, sustainable production, and consumption central to their corporate vision.  
  • Help citizens to function more effectively as informed watchdogs and responsible consumers.

How you'll learn

This course in entirely online and organized several times a year. Some sessions even let you learn totally at your own pace (no deadlines). The course is open ton anyone interested without administrative registration at university nor entrance fee.

You'll learn through short videos from the professor, texts to read, exercices and quizzes, debates on the forum, questions and answers with the course team...

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Organisme de formation: Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)

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DETAILS Type: online
Durée: 8 semaines
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Titre délivré: Attestation
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Brève initiation au cadre économique et comptable, à la comptabilité et à l'analyse

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DETAILS Type: online
Durée: 2 H
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