Online French lessons via Skype with Telefrench


Telefrench offers online French classes with an experienced native French teacher via Skype. Telefrench provides tailor-made lessons for all levels and all needs,  preparation for French examinations (DELF/DALF/TEF), conversation classes, French courses in business, homework and extra teaching.

Online French lessons for beginners:
You are learning French for the first time : Our lessons and exercises beginner programme will teach you the functional elements of the French language. You will learn to read, write and count in French. But most of all, you will be speaking French right away and will be able to deal with many real life situations thanks to our role plays.

Online French lessons for intermediate learners:
You want to improve your French : We will work together on your weaknesses to best fit your needs, improving your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Our intermediate programme won’t just teach you new rules but will include them in day-to-day situations so that you always learn in context.

Online French lessons for advanced learners:
You are a fluent French speaker : You will be able to complete your grammar knowledge with our lessons and written exercises. You will be able to improve your lexical skills by learning idiomatic French through documents based on the daily press, magazine articles, etc.



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Organisme de formation: Telefrench

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DETAILS Type: online
Durée: 50 minutes
Prix: Payant
Titre délivré: Attestation
Label elearning: Non
Certifié WAI: Non

Windows Vista Advanced


This collection of online courses covers the core skills and knowledge you will need to get the most out of the Windows Vista operating system.

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Organisme de formation: Technobel

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DETAILS Type: online
Durée: 42h00
Prix: Gratuit pour les demandeurs d'emploi
Titre délivré: aucun
Label elearning: Oui
Certifié WAI: Non
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