Français Langue étrangère - Boost and/or (re)activate your knowledge of French!


Introduction to French: boost your acquisition of the structures and of the pronunciation of the language, with a teacher native speaker AND/OR (re)activate your oral knowledge of French!

Balingua is a method:

  • that boosts the oral acquisition of a second language*;
  • that reactivates orally your passive knowledge of a language.


  • by self-directed e-learning;
  • in 33 hours, to assimilate orally all the structures of the language.

Balingua is right for you:

  • if you are a beginner in this language or if you already have some knowledge of the language;
  • if you have already spent hours studying this language but are unable to speak it.

* a second language = any language that is not your native language.

For more info:

€99 for 33 hours, i.e. €3 per hour!

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